ED F650

ED 650, Current Issues in Technology

Class Site: Blackboard (closed to public)

Course Description:

This course is designed for the participants of the Masters of Education in Technology and Innovation, specifically students who are working towards their master’s projects or theses. Other students are welcome to take this course but please be aware that this course is heavily immersed in many technologies and requires multiple web based skills. This course focuses on exploring and developing your digital presence. In today’s technologically filled world it is important to develop a greater understanding of the personal, social, and professional influences and impacts of online presences and develop a way to manage such issues.

Course goals:

1. Consider the relationship between current issues in technology along with their varied presences in such technologies.

2. Critically review current and emerging technologies for personal, social, and professional ramifications.

3. Explore current technologies and the influence of culture on such technologies.

4. Research current literature in the areas of digital presence and related issues.

5. Create a process allowing for consistent appraisal of current issues in technology.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Research and comment on Current Technology Issues
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills to begin online article research
  • Post substantive feedback on peer created materials

Specific assignments for this course:

  • Class participation/postings
  • Seven papers on current issues in technology
  • Final paper and presentation

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