ED F601

ED 601 Introduction to Applied Social Science Research

Class site: https://sites.google.com/a/alaska.edu/ed-601-introduction-to-research/

Course Description:

Review of the most common educational research paradigms, data gathering techniques and analytical tools used in the study of human behavior and educational institutions. Attention will be given to collaborative research models, with a focus on the translation of research results into practical application. (3 credits)

This is a core research course for the Masters of Education and Counseling students as they work towards their master’s projects or theses. The primary objective for this course is assist in the development of  the required academic/research tools to complete your projects or theses. You will learn a series of social science research theories and frameworks. You will utilize these research methodologies for two primary purposes—to be able to evaluate the research of others and to design your own research.

This course provides an introduction of various qualitative and quantitative methods used in the social science research field of education. You will become acquainted with theoretical and methodological processes related to a variety of education research approaches. Students will gain insight and experience in locating research of interest, examining published research critically, using available research resources, and formulating their own research questions.

Student in this course will:

  1. Consider the relationship between theory and method, which includes accessing research, reviewing educational research literature, and considering ethical issues.
  2. Critically understand the value of qualitative and quantitative descriptive social sciences research in education and the criteria used for analyzing it.
  3. Study the use of measurements, sampling, surveys, ethnographic interviews, transcription, statistics, etc.
  4. Explore the promise and challenges of conducting fieldwork.
  5. Begin to prepare the student to publish a graduate level Master’ s Thesis.
  6. Investigate and apply the proper technological tools when conducting research.

Specific assignments for this course:

  • Essay on Ethical Research
  • Review of Research Acticles
  • Research Question/Topic
  • Survey Assignment
  • Persoonal Interview
  • Quantitative Terms
  • Literature Review
  • Participation

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