ED F432

ED F432, Fundamentals of Media Design, Summer 2013

Class site: https://sites.google.com/a/alaska.edu/ed432-20132/home

Course Description

Create and publish materials with proper media design for use in teaching and learning. Topics include photo and graphics formatting, video production, video podcast production, static screen capture, motion screen capture, and analysis for educational content. These productions will be included on the students’ ONID eportfolios. This course is a prerequisite for subsequent ONID courses and should be taken after or concurrently with ED 431 Web 2.0 Fundamentals: Participate, Produce, Publish.

Students in the course will:

  • Capture and manipulate photos in proper format for print, computer display and web publication.
  • Create and publish video productions with multiple elements and in correct format.
  • Create, publish and video podcasts for educational content.
  • Create, publish, and print tutorials using static screen captures and analyze for educational content.
  • Create, publish, and analyze video tutorials using motion screen captures.

Specific assignments for this course: https://olsonid.wordpress.com/blog/


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