ED F610

ED 610, Education and Cultural Processes

Class Site: Moodle (closed to public)

Course Description:

The course will focus on the advanced study of cultural processes associated with education, and the relationship of schooling to other aspects of a cultural system. Students will be required to prepare six papers in which they examine aspects of education in a particular cultural context.

Course goals:

  1. To examine how education and culture are deeply intertwined processes that shape, prepare us for, and guide us through all aspects of our life.
  2. To explore how our world view influences the way we think and what we do.
  3. To examine ways in which cultures establish categories, rules and templates for ordering the universe.
  4. To explore how education contributes to the formation of individual and cultural identity.
  5. To examine the issue of self-determination in the context of the cultural and educational rights of indigenous peoples.
  6. To examine the interrelationship between curriculum, the culture it represents, and the community in which it is offered.

Specific assignments for this course:

  • Unit 1 – Culture, Survival and Tradition
  • Unit 2 – Culture, Consciousness and Worldview
  • Unit 3 – Culture, Space and Knowledge Systems
  • Unit 4 – Culture, Education and Identity
  • Unit 5 – Culture, Education and Self-Determination
  • Unit 6 – Culture, Community and Curriculum

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