ED F431

ED F431 Web Fundamentals, Fall 2012

Class site: https://sites.google.com/a/alaska.edu/ed431fa12/home

Course Description:

1) Examine the impact of Web 2.0, cloud computing, and mobile technologies on K-12 education. 2) Establish and publish to frameworks–web-based eportfolio, personal learning network, blog, podcasts–that will form the core elements of the M.Ed. Online Instructional Design (ONID). This course is a prerequisite for subsequent work toward the ONID and should be taken before or concurrently with ED 432 Fundamentals of Media Design.

Course goals:

  1. Acquire and administer a personal web domain.
  2. Begin an ongoing eportfolio that will serve as the primary assessment instrument for completion of the ONID program.
  3. Set up and maintain an ongoing blog for peer review and reflection.
  4. Establish and actively participate in a personal learning network of colleagues and mentors.
  5. Publish original content in a variety of online formats, including but not limited to web sites, blogs, and podcasts.
  6. Explore the implications of current and emerging technologies for personal and professional development.
  7. Consider the interaction between technology and social institutions, particularly K-12 education.
  8. Think critically and reflect on the process of teaching with technology.

Specific assignments for this course: https://olsonid.wordpress.com/blog/

  • Web Presence
  • Mobile Tools
  • Google Docs Survey
  • Podcasts

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