Video Assignment

My videos center around a continued theme of walking on the beach. As I mentioned in my post that accompanied by photos, I live on Douglas Island very close to Sandy Beach. During the 1880s through the early 1920s, the Treadwell Mine Complex was the largest mining operation in the country and certainly contained the largest concentrated collection of people in the Alaska.

The three videos I created are centered around the history of the mine and tries to bring to life some of more interesting elements of the Treadwell Mine Historic Trail area that remain today.

Threadwell Mine Historic Trail

Treadwell Club

The Cave-In

The Process


iPhone 5…yep, I just used my iPhone for taking videos and original images. I will admit that the quality of the video probably suffered because of this.


Audacity (for audio recordings) and iMovie 11 (for video recordings)

I’ve used audacity many times before and find it very user-friendly and that it provides good results. I used my on-board laptop microphone. I have a headset but it records a terrible hissing sounds that is fine for online webinars/elive presentations, but it is very distracting for recording audio. I should invest in a better microphone.

I found iMovie 11 frustrating. I guess I haven’t used iMovie since maybe version 9 when it had more useful editing tools and a more informative timeline. It might have been before Adobe bought FinalCut Pro. I think iMovie is really useful for creating a video from still images, and since I did use a lot of historical images, that was nice for me. But I found it tricky to get the audio tracks to line up and I got really frustrated with trying to drag things around. I just couldn’t find the correct “sweet” spot.

Image Resources

Music/Sound Resources

Bibiliography of Historic Resources

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Bibliography of Resources for software and moving making process – semi-useful in some of the general topics but information note written for iMovie 11 – very helpful in getting me started in finding what I was looking for – nice documentation – really helpful, especially the image of the screen and what all the buttons do

Unfortunately, I was doing research as I was selecting shots and recording narration so the process probably took longer then if I had done my research before hand. But I was relying on historical photos so that really drove a lot of how the story was told. I knew right away that I wanted to use a reading for one of the videos and thought the segment on the cave-in by the Charlotte Mahaffy was interesting and that I’d be able to find photos to fill out the reading.

These three videos are going to part of an entire website on the Treadwell Mine Complex. On the website will be a map of the location and it will actually be a geo-location oriented website so these videos will be tied directly to a lat-long reading. I’m not yet ready to reveal by big idea…but all the assignments I’m doing for this course will directly tie into it! So I hope you aren’t sick of Alaska history yet! (I promise you won’t be hearing the ragtime music all the other projects!)