ED F655

ED 655, Online Pedagogy

Class Site: https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1041641

Course Description: A study of theory, tools and methods for teaching online courses. Topics include prominent learning theories, affordance of new technologies, strategies for assessment and techniques for classroom management in an online environment. Students will develop and articulate a personal philosophy of teaching and learning appropriate for the 21st Century.

Course goals:

  • develop and document their own personal learning network
  • create a concept map to identify layers of understanding
  • develop a project-based lesson plan that emphasizes student exploration, interaction, creation, and feedback cycles
  • compare strengths and weaknesses of online tools and methods
  • articulate a personal philosophy for teaching and learning

Specific assignments for this course:

  • weekly writing: 15%
  • review of five scholarly articles: 25%
  • interaction through discussion, comments, and feedback: 10%
  • critical evaluation of tools and methods: 10%
  • project-based lesson plan: 25%
  • personal philosophy of teaching and learning: 15%