Module 11: Twiddla

Tool: Twiddla

Link: (Links to an external site.)

Objective or purpose: Interactive whiteboard where you can annotate, chat and even call a phone number to talk over a VOIP.

Learning Curve: low

Ease of Use: If you aren’t afraid to click, once you play with the tools, it seems pretty straight forward

Time required to create: minutes. I uploaded an image and added annotation, used the pencil to draw around an area and used one of the shaped boxes to highlight another area. Added a text comment.

Key features: upload various kinds of document types (webpage, pdfs, image), annotation tools include pencil with various colors, widths, erase, shapes and text input (with various speech bubbles). Also has math formulas (LaTex)

Problems: free account doesn’t allow you to save your drawings and access them more than once. Pro account (lowest level – $14/month) allows for 1 simultaneous meeting, and unlimited storage for multiple projects. Free account is really for clients to be able to see a project and make comments.

Barriers: Free account only allows one-time access and no save feature.

Educational Uses: synchronous or asynchronous meetings around document collaboration.

Tutorials: none

Examples: (Links to an external site.)

Because this free version of this tools is very limited, I lost interested and didn’t create any examples.


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