Module 11: Remind

Tool: Remind

Link: (Links to an external site.)

Objective or purpose: send messages to any device (phone text or email) for free

Learning Curve: low

Ease of Use: set up took 2 minutes; howto documentation automatically created (PDF) with your personal contact information listed. This provides a resource to give to parents or students.

Time required to create: almost immediate; pretty easy to add contacts. Time restriction would be in gathering the data to enter

Key features: can add multiple contact information for students, divorced parents or guardians, grandparents, etc. Once the information is entered, you don’t see phone number and they don’t see your phone number in return.

Problems: people who don’t opt in might feel left out; maintenance of contact list; texting back to teacher’s phone might impact their data plan?

Barriers: must have access to email or text capabilities, pushing information without necessarily acknowledging receipt.

Educational Uses: reminders, student engagement, discipline, fund raising, events, permission slips, documents, photos, homework assignments, field trips, items sales, projects, see 10 ways to use Remind (Links to an external site.)

Tutorials: (Links to an external site.)

Examples: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

YouTube channel: (Links to an external site.)

Example of email:



Example of Text




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