Module 11: Marqueed

Tool: Marqueed

Link: (Links to an external site.)

Objective or purpose: Presentation of images to a group for group commenting

Learning Curve: medium – with more options comes more difficulty. Some thought needs to go into initial set up and organization.

Ease of Use: pencil draw and marque style annotations – each with a comment box. Multiple comments can be made on each annotation. There is also a sidebar chat option.

Time required to create: a few minutes to set up group and then begin adding collections

Key features: Upload (or drag and drop) various image types: .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .psd; public or private collections of images can be uploaded, add annotations; show or hide annotations if you want to review the file on its own; internal (within marqueed) notifications of annotations can be turned on or off. I uploaded a 3-page PDF and each page was added as a separate “image”. This might be a problem if all PDFs have several pages and several people are uploading into the same “collection.”

Problems: don’t quite get the invitation sequence. I thought I sent an invite to a new user but it never showed up. I could add it but it never arrived. You are able to share the link for the collection which got me there. Drawing tool only has one color.

Barriers: Free version only allows for 2 private collections but you can have as many public collections as you wish which might be perfect! As long as you’re able to find the original collection. If you had more than three or four users adding annotations, the screen would quickly fill up and it might be hard to differentiate between comments. Updates made to images are not shown in real time. You have to click away from project in order for new activity to appear.

Educational Uses: upload images and have a conversation around them.

Tutorials: none





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