Module 11: Designdrop

Tool: DesignDrop

Link: (Links to an external site.)

Objective or purpose: conduct design reviews and collect feedback

Learning Curve: low

Ease of Use: easy to use

Time required to create: very quick

Key features: draw visual annotations, real-time markup, share with short URL; drag and drop images or upload .png, .jpg or .jpeg file types only; annotations are marked with a number and the comment is posted to a sidebar. Overall comments also accepted; client doesn’t have to create an account, they just have to enter a name and email.

Problems: few that I can see – pretty straightforward; no repository for storing projects.

Barriers: individuals would have to add participants to each image that gets uploaded OR share the URL link with the class.

Educational Uses: upload images and have a conversation around them.

Tutorials: none

Examples: (Links to an external site.)

Due to the lack of a storage or repository and group feature, this tool doesn’t seem like a reasonable choice for working with a lot of images/students.


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