Revised Curriculum Plan – Module 9


Your primary task this week is to re-evaluate, revise, and publish your unit-sized curriculum plan. Consider the feedback you received from your study partner last week. Reflect on the Information Fluency and Learning Assessment Cycle models discussed in the videos. When you are confident that you have addressed these concepts, share your lesson plan here.

It has been hard to define what a unit-sized curriculum plan is for my course because I don’t have “units” in my class. I’ve organized it by weeks with each week scaffolding on the previous week and building on previous understanding. I’m going to make it difficult on all of you by sharing my curriculum plan for one learning objective that is maintained for the entire course.

One overall course objective is:

Evaluate the quality of a design to verify achievement of the user’s intended purpose and be able to provide constructive feedback for improvement.

Almost every weekly lesson will have a group of similar lesson objectives like the following:

  • Analyze and critique the quality of a design.
  • Develop constructive feedback for improvement.
  • Identify items to support your understanding of good design practices.

Students will provide helpful feedback on design elements that will either be submitting only to me or to the group. Students may submit their feedback in a variety of ways: text, annotation, video or audio, their choice.

Each week additional design concepts will be introduced. Students will add or revise their own personal checklist to incorporate new information and new understanding. Students will use these checklists to help self-evaluate their own work as well as the work that are asked to evaluate. Sometimes that work will be examples the instructor provides, something public or a cohort’s design.


I’ve applied the Learning Assessment Cycle to this plan as illustrated in the attached graphic. I feel pretty good that my students will be equipped with a three-legged stool, although one leg may be a bit shorter than the other two. The public contribution back into domain knowledge may be a little weak. I haven’t had my students publish in public for the last 3 course offerings because it is too hard to share InDesign files through a blog platform. For some of the assignments looking at the InDesign files is necessary in order to evaluate what is going on behind the scene. I’d like for students to post and public in the public but I also don’t want to include too many kinds of technology. The students already struggle with the InDesign software which is the main technology in the course. And I’m hesitant to have them post and publish to too many places. So their contributions may only be within the privacy of the course itself.

My curriculum plan (google doc)


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