Process and feedback notes – Module 8

Please share your notes from your group work session here. You can provide a link to a shared document or share the notes directly. Please read and consider the feedback of your peers – both for your own unit-sized plan and for those of your comrades.

Brooke and I met via a hangout on Tuesday. We shared our written plans (Links to an external site.)with each other. Brooke was much more prepared than I was in having read through my document and had some really great questions – some to clarify what I was thinking and some to question my process and goals. Both kinds of questions were extremely helpful. Brooke’s plan was very concise and easy to follow. I’m afraid I left her with a more complicated plan of which may not have had a natural flow to it. I wanted to focus on an overall course goal rather than a unit plan which might have been a little overwhelming.

She asked about my idea of getting students to give critical feedback to each other and how I planned to assess students as they work through that process. Right away I realized that I hadn’t specifically thought that through. I usually assess students based on improvement so I’m pretty sure I’ll follow this same strategy for how much a student improves over the semester. I’m almost thinking of this exercise as something students might receive a checkmark instead of a numerical grade in that you are either giving decent feedback or you aren’t. And if you aren’t you can try again.

My idea of having students create a checklist of design elements that they built throughout the semester can become a resource for students as they either create future design work or if they register for other Design-type classes, like Photoshop, web design or web graphics.

One suggestion Brooke had was to consider how to begin and support the feeling of community to help with giving constructive feedback. If students feel a connection with one another the idea of giving feedback might be easier. She asked about giving feedback orally or in a synchronous setting which might be easier for students. That led me to think about how much easier it is to give feedback through annotations and arrows rather than through text. When I give feedback to students I used a screencapture tool with annotations where I can point to things. I also create short videos demonstrating alternatives. This might be a better way for students to also give feedback. It can sometimes be hard to explain using text only. This was an aha moment for me! She also suggested that feedback is something that could be done as a group – perhaps through something like a voicethread where you can give an audio or video response as well as use the online annotation looks while you’re talking. Lots of possibilities with this!

We both have made comments on each other google documents. For me, this is a really helpful way to collaborate as well as provide an artifact for discussion! Thank you Brooke for you questions and suggestions!


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