Situational Factors – Module 5

For your writing post this week, develop a thorough description of the situational factors impacting your lesson plan. Exhibit 3.2 in the text provides a checklist of initial considerations. If you’re developing for K-12, speak to the developmental stage of your students. If you’re developing educational content for adults, estimate the level of prior experience and describe how that will affect your lesson plan. Highlight the situational characteristics that you believe will make course development most challenging.

Course: CIOS 233: Desktop Publishing: InDesign, 3 cr

1) How many students are in the class?

less than 10

2) Is the course lower division, upper division, or graduate level?

Lower division (200-level).This is an elective course for A.A.S. Computing Technology Support, A.A. S Degree Applied Business – (Computer Applications or Marketing Concentration), and a Certificate as an Information Technology Specialist.

3) How long and frequent are the class meetings?


4) How will the course be delivered?


Expectations of the External Group

5) What does society at large need and expect in terms of the education of these students, in general or with regard to this particular subject?

Students in this class should be able to provide their community withTasteful and effective print and online publications and products as well as Promotion and information delivery skills

6) Does the state or related professional societies have professional accreditation requirements that affect the goals of this learning experience?

With more experience, students could be Adobe certified.

7) What curricular goals does the institution or department have that affect this course or program?

This course is an elective for the IT Specialist program for both an associates degree and a certificate.

Nature of the Subject

8) Is the subject matter convergent (single right answer) or divergent (multiple, equally valid interpretations)?

It is both. The terms and base theories are convergent, but the expression of the knowledge (in assignments) is divergent. The types of assignments to illustrate the expression of knowledge may also be divergent.

9) Is the subject primarily cognitive or does it include the learning of significant physical skills as well?

Primarily Cognitive and physically as in muscle memory for making keyboard commands and ease of software use.

10) Is this field of study relatively stable, in a period of rapid change, or in a situation in which competing paradigms are changing each other?

The industry is pretty standard for baseline understanding of graphic design principles and software skills, but ever changing in innovation and design look and feel.

Characteristics of the Learners

11) What is the life situation of the students at the moment: full-time student, part-time working student, family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and the like?

Mixed student population, from high school young to retirees. Most have a clear goal or reason for enrolling.

12) What life or professional goals do students have that relate to this learning experience?

Marketing, advertising or promotion business, reporting, public or private information

13) What are the reasons for enrolling?

Educational, personal, and professional (Interested in improving skills)

14) What prior experiences, knowledge, skills, and attitudes do the students have regarding the subject?

Students have varied experience. Previous knowledge of creating newsletters, photography and photoshop, web development or web graphic. Most students are computer literate and comfortable learning new software, but some are not. Students are not huge online producers of new content. Most don’t use online services to store artifacts.

15) What are the students’ learning styles?

Not sure

Characteristics of the Teacher

16) What prior experiences, knowledge, skills, and attitudes does this teacher have in terms of the subject of this course?

Experienced designer, practical knowledge. Not a graphic artist


17) Has the teacher taught this course before or is this the first time?

6 or so semesters

18) Will this teacher teach this course again in the future or is this the last time?

Hope to teach once a year

19) Does the teacher have a high level of competence and confidence in this subject or is this on the margins of the teacher’s zone of competence?

Pretty confident to mentor at this lower division level, lots of practical knowledge.

20) What prior experiences, knowledge, skills, and attitudes does this teacher have in terms of the process of teaching? (How much does the teacher know about effective teaching?)

Course final grades are based on showing improvement. Current design of course allows for multiple drafts until student is satisfied. Instructor prefers learning by doing, practice and more practice so course has this same design.


Special Pedagogical Challenge

21) What is the special situation in this course that challenges students and the teacher in the desire to make this a meaningful and important learning experience?

Students giving critical feedback to other students; pairing design atheistic with punching the keys, ideas for creating a publication at the ground level (I’m faced with a blank screen, what should it look like); using correct tool for desired outcome, attention to detail and understanding why that is important.


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