Dear Diary-Module 4

Brainstorm a list of ways in which the world has changed since you graduated from High School. What knowledge/skill/experience do graduates need today that didn’t exist then? You may immediately think of technology: cloud computing, e-mail, texting, or smart phone apps. List those items, but also think beyond the tools. How is customer service different today than it was then? In what ways have communication (both personal and business communication) changed? How have news and reporting changed? What are your trusted sources for information? How have the methods for presenting information changed? Have the areas of specialization or generalization in your field changed?

Dear Diary,

Got up early to rewrite my homework for today. I spilled my Tab on my notebook and the ink ran. At least it wasn’t a chocolate shake – that happened to Tom and before he could clean it up and save his homework, his dog licked it up and actually ate it.  I wanted to turn my stereo on to listen to music but that would have woken up the entire house. Maybe I’ll ask for some headphones for Christmas, they might be pretty expensive though.

Last night was so much fun. I picked up Katherine in my Mom’s car. We were going to meet up with Sandee at Mary’s house, but at the last minute Mary called the house and said she was going out with Kathy and we should meet them at the movies. Mary called Sandee and said she left a message on the  answering machine. (Lucky – she has an answering machine.) Since it seemed that Sandee had already left her house, Mary was going to leave her a note on the door but Mary’s little sister, Lucy is such a brat that she probably took the note down and told Sandee that she didn’t know where we were and had probably just wanted to ditch her. Mary said her older sister, Alice, was so stoned she was pretty much worthless. Living in the basement with the side door gives her a lot of freedom –  No wonder I saw something written about her on the bathroom wall by the art room. People can be so mean. I would die if something like that happened to me. I hope Sandee isn’t too mad at us.

When Mary called, my Dad answered the phone. My Dad never answers the phone. I don’t even know why he answered the phone. He was editing a movie from Thanksgiving. There were bits of film all over the floor from where he was actually cutting the film and splicing it together, using some kind of special tape. He was getting it all over and my Mom was mad. I think Dad was trying to be helpful. Mary said she thought she had the wrong number so she hung up and dialed again. By that time, Dad was kind of mad from having to get up and down from the kitchen table so many times.

Any way, Dad gave me money and I stopped for gas –$0.80 a gallon – I guess that is due to the US oil embargo. No long wait in line though like you see happening in places in the lower 48 on the TV news. I wish we had cable TV like all the rest of my friends. You can only get it in certain areas of town. There is an entire channel based on unique topics like music videos (MTV — launched in 1981). Mary says that If you know you’re going to miss a show, you can record it on your home VCR, if you had one. Cable TV also brings in additional news and public affair options, something called CNN that is news pretty much all the time. We only get one local newscast – KTVF (CBS) with Ted Lehne.

Back to last night. We ended up at the movies with a bunch of others. Before it started, Mark had a camera and took a whole roll of pictures. He says he can develop his own film so instead of waiting 3-4 days for the film to be developed we might see them tomorrow, or today. And since he has the negative, he can make as many copies as he wants. I hope all the pictures turn out. We could make a scrapebook and pass it around so all of our friends can see it! This actually never turns out too well, though. Someone always forgets about it and doesn’t pass it on or leaves it in their car and it gets all banged up. Waa waa waa. Back to the movie–too bad we didn’t think about bringing our own popcorn. We could have popped some in a pot on the stove or used the electric popcorn popper.

My Mom was complaining because she had to take the car to the shop and had to walk back to the house. Wouldn’t it be great if there was like a courtesy shuttle car to take you to work or back home. Seems like that would be a great service. I’m sure she’ll be mad again when she receives the thank you card in the mail from the business. Speaking of mail, we get a lot of mail these days advertising for things we would never use or even be interested in. If only these marketing companies knew you better, they could be more efficient by only advertising things you might like or use.

When I got in the car, I wished I brought some cassettes so we didn’t have to listen to the radio. My mom always has the radio tuned to KFAR – I think she secretly has a crush on Bill Whaley, ick, but Katherine brought a couple of 8-tracks and some cassette tapes because she couldn’t remember what the car had. What a dope.

We stopped to get some food before the show. Nowadays, you never know who might be waiting on you. Depending on what kind of business you go to, customer service is either really good because you grew up with the person who owns it, or really bad, because the staff is made up of disgruntled Okies or Texans who can’t get a job on the slope and end up in Fairbanks Alaska living with a bunch of other people in a small apartment who all dream of mega bucks and instead end up at Woolworth making Green River sodas. (OK, exaggeration — it was worse when I was in 7-8th grade. When you didn’t dare go downtown).

Today I have typing with Mrs. Thomas. It is fun to type on the electric typewriters. My Dad has an very old manual typewriter and half of the keys stick. It would be great if they would have some open time in the typing room so you could use the typewriters for homework — even better if they had them in the library since that is where you need to do your research. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have that entire reference section at your house. If I weren’t going to college next year, and I knew I wasn’t going to be a secretary, there wouldn’t be any reason to know how to type.

I’ll also help Mr. Boko with making some posters for the band concert. I think he said something about running off some dittos on the mimeograph, for some kind of form he wants to use too. The solution you use to make the copies is nasty – you can get high on it if you don’t crack open the window. Since this is our Christmas concert we’ve got some green poster board and will probably use red ink on the letterpress. Maybe we can try two-colors this time. For the last concert we used a graphic that was hand drawn but this time we’re going to be cutting out images from old christmas cards and using rubber cement to put them together.

I’m dreading the presentation I have to give on Thursday. I’ve got my index cards all written out but I hate talking in front of the class. I just wish I could hide behind a bunch of pictures and talk from behind them.

I better get back to that homework. I hate cursive writing…


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