PLN Revisited


I’d like you to discuss your revelations from the previous exercise. How did it go? What do you think of the concept of a PLE? Did you discover unforeseen strengths in your PLE? Are there obvious gaps? Are you stuck in predictable ruts (do you find yourself relying solely on previous solutions—rather than exploring new and creative ones)? Did you make new resolutions? Will you change your strategies?

Try to share an artifact from your brainstorming process. Share your list, a mind map, a sketch. Share an example from whatever your process looks like.

More importantly, share your insights, thoughts and revelations. Return often to comment and provide feedback on the work of your peers.

For this exercise I first referred back to the original PLN statement I made back in September 2012 when I was taking ED F431. I actually thought it was a pretty good statement and that surprised me. Except for a few tools that have come and gone, my PLN is pretty much the same as it was four years ago. And that thought scared me. Have I become complacent in my learning and professional development? Have I become more efficient? Did I found something that worked for me back then and haven’t needed or found anything better? So I returned to the drawing board and came up with this:



Many of my activities merge between the areas Collecting, Sharing and Connecting. I’ve become more comfortable about reflecting through discussions or conversations with others. I think I’ve adjusted to the idea that I can make a statement in some communities without fear that you can’t change your mind or refine your thoughts. So for me, that’s progress.

This last summer I was more active within a community on twitter. It was fun and I appreciated that it was an active community. There was one classmate who seemed to use the class hashtag for everything she created a tweet for, even if it was unrelated to the class. That annoyed me. At first I tried to play along but after finding that I was spending too much time on things that weren’t pertinent at the moment, I had to be ok with skimming and moving one. It was summer, I didn’t want to spend a moment extra inside tied to the internet. I wanted to be outside. By the end of the summer,  I found that I was following too many people on twitter who were posting things that I wasn’t interested in. So I dropped them. Most of those I follow on twitter aren’t really active. Some that are very active I appreciate and continue to follow. Others who are active who are just sharing links to resources without any kind of annotation will most likely be dropped.

I should be sharing more, but only if it really serves a purpose. All of those tabs I have open on my Browser, I could add to Diigo or tweet out and be done with them, but I really feel that it is important to reflect and provide an additional response to why I’m sharing.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on deficiencies that I might be missing from this diagram. Sometimes one can be too close to see for themselves.



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