I <3 Diigo

For this week’s discussion,

Discuss how “Diigo.com” is or can be used as a resource / research tool for a modern day professional.

Share an item that represents a current technology issue or interest and can be linked to Diigo.

I love Diigo! Besides, email, it has probably been one of my most long term social applications that I’m using. I belong to several groups and share resources with them on topics of interest. I use these group notifications to help me filter through the billions of potential resources that are online. When I am looking for a resource, I’ll use my library of tagged resource for a reminder of resources that I have bookmarked and then I go to the greater community of Diigo users and search through relavent tags. I usually find somethiing helpful (and a lot of other cool things that aren’t necessarily what I was searching for) can read users comments and continue my task.

I have not yet been active in discussion behind topics, I haven’t had the need to work beyond my personal cohort, but I know it is there is I need it.

Diigo is not be my first place to go when doing academic research, I do that at the library. But when it is possible, I do create a diigo bookmark on online journals. I think its a great way to 1) share resources with others 2) help to keep yourself organized.


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