Keyboard skills

Please respond to the following discussion prompt. “Should/Is it necessary to teach keyboarding skill in the classroom setting anymore?

I’m a little out of my realm with this question. I’m not really familiar with what is being currently taught or at what age level. I do know that the devices that young children have access to take most advantage of swiping and a touchscreen, of which neither would be helpful when writing in a long format. I noticed in one of the last version system upgrades on my iPhone, when I typed on the onscreen keyboard, predictive word choices appeared. I had seen this on an android tablet but it was new to me on the iPhone. At first I thought it was an interesting option, but soon found that it really slowed down my speed by stopping to select the word instead of continuing to type. If I was used to this process and was using it to type out a lesson (or a response to a discussion post). It would take me a lot longer to use that method, then just using the keyboard, regardless of how small the keyboard is.

It seems that since so many K-12 schools are moving towards Google Apps as a classroom management system, that at some point not being able to type on a keyboard is a barrier for a student being successful. That being said, my Dad was a mad two-finger typer and could make the Underwood portable manual typewriter sing. He seemed to get along quite fine. I often wonder how he might have done with his thumbs on a mobile device.

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