Need for Technology Literacy in Higher Education

Please respond to the following discussion question. “Should there be ‘Technology Standards’ and outcome assessments similar to other core subject contents? Or, should technology skills be integrated into everything that takes place in a learning environment and thus be ‘invisible’ expectations?”

If there aren’t technology standards created and defined, how can you be sure that all teachers are incorporating or integrating technology at a minimum level? I think for some teachers and administrators it might be obvious, but I’m not sure that one can expect or assume it is happening. I don’t really know what is going on in the K-12 realm but I do see a big gap in what students in the higher education are missing. It is very hard to require students at an open enrollment university to have a prerequisite and defined technology competence, especially when students aren’t necessarily enrolled in a specific program. Having an technology literacy class to accompany a library science research class would sure make a big different for students and for teachers. Seems like this might be a good place for a MOOC to be created. Take a few class on technology literacy, get your certificate and then enroll in a course!

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