Devices equalization

Please respond to the following discussion question. “Should the school/district/State be responsible for providing a technology learning device to each student (to level the learning field) – similar to providing text books in the classroom setting?”

I think all students should have access to technology in the classroom. I’m not sure that it is practical to have parents purchase the device or that a student, especially at a lower grade level, be given a device to take home. If there is a technology requirement in the curriculum then the resource should be provided whether that be media carts or computer/device labs, it probably is school dependent.

At UAF, within the School of Education, I’ve heard they are working on an initiative that students entering the undergraduate program may be provided with a device in which they will be responsible for and will use while taking education classes. For this discipline, I think this is a very worthwhile endeavor for the providing resources to future teachers.

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