Augmented Reality and QR

I had several great ideas for projects that I wanted to do with AR but found hurdles that kept causing me to evaluate the time I was putting into each of them and the reality of getting something together this project during this semester.

I was going to have you print out a cuboctahedron map of the world ( and put it together so you had a “globe-like” item to scan for auras. I found these great creation myths that I wanted to tie to the 14 sections of the globe. The stories ranged from all kinds of different media resources, some of which I recreated. But I could not get the map to have enough definition to make a good trigger image. So…I learned a big lesson to use the phone application to test your trigger image before creating overlays and adding actions. If your trigger image isn’t going to work, then you need to move on to another idea (or create your own trigger image drawing which was plan F.

The next idea was to augment one of my lessons from a class I teach on InDesign. The assignment is to review a completed project and to edit for errors. Some of the errors are obvious and some aren’t. I was planning to create short videos or screencasts to point out the errors. I may actually come back to this at some point but honestly, I ran out of time creating the videos and it didn’t seem worthy if I didn’t point out all the errors.

My other idea was to augment a book for my Great Niece Isabella.  I wanted to get all the relatives to record their voice/or create a short video and read each of of the pages to her. I intend to do this when my family can fit it in their schedules.

So…a  trip to the Zoo with Isabella became the project topic. This will be sent to my nephew who can set things up for my niece. I added a call me button overlay as well as a link to a survey.


Map of Zoo 2013 (PDF)

Image from Aurasma from my phone.

iphone image

Note: The “Call Auntie” really does place a call to my cell phone.

Actions for Overlays:





aura workspace