Screencast deux

ok…learned a big lesson with Screencast-o-matic…I forgot to save my first movie as a screencast and although I did export a .mov copy, I didn’t save the SOM file and therefore I can’t edit it!  bummer….super bummer!

Here are the two other videos that I did successfully save and was able to add an over lay at the end to highlight the steps taken in the demonstration.


Camera upload to Flickr:


3 thoughts on “Screencast deux

  1. Heidi,
    I had not thought about checking Screencast-O-matic. Thanks. I like it. I also like learning about making maps from Flickr images. Hmmm… most of my photos are not up on Flickr. Might need to do that, not sure.

    It has been fun, ‘down and dirty’ fun working on these assignments.

    Great to see your images

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