Screencast deux

ok…learned a big lesson with Screencast-o-matic…I forgot to save my first movie as a screencast and although I did export a .mov copy, I didn’t save the SOM file and therefore I can’t edit it!  bummer….super bummer!

Here are the two other videos that I did successfully save and was able to add an over lay at the end to highlight the steps taken in the demonstration.


Camera upload to Flickr:



I decided to use Screencast-O-Matic for capturing my screencasts. I’ve used this application in the past and feel very comfortable with it. With the free account you can record up to 15 minutes. With the professional account (I think the fee is $15/year) you aren’t time restricted and you can do some simple editing (like cutting out and trimming). Normally, when I create a screencast I have to be efficient with my time. I try not to do too many redos and I’m not concerned with perfection. Otherwise I would never get anything done!

Here are my three screencasts. I created my starter slide in word and saved out to either an html file or a pdf. For two of the casts I used a web browser as the presentation platform and for one of the casts I used a series of images (from the iPhone) saves as a pdf and used Acrobat as the presentation platform.

My strategy:

  • go through the steps, creating accounts, clicking, etc.
  • write out the steps as a script (mostly as a checklist)
  • set up the screencast software and make sure that all the presentation screens show up
  • record and edit if necessary
  • upload to YouTube

The cast using the iphone took a bit more planning since I used screenshot images taken from the phone. I had to do a couple of run-throughs to make sure I had all the images needed to tell the story.

Uploading images from your Desktop to Flickr (

Uploading images from your IPhone to Flickr (

Creating a map from your Flickr Images (