ScreenCapture is something that I find very helpful. Since I spend my days working with students, faculty, and staff at a distance, creating and sharing a screencapture with some kind of annotation can quickly solve problems or be a solution to share information, often better then through verbal communication.

I work at UAF eLearning with a team of Instructional Designers who are always creating tutorials and handouts for instructors, as well as for instructors to use with their students. We all create documents, some more specific then others. We most often create and share these documents through our google accounts so that it is easy to create a copy if more customization is necessary, without having to go through a similar creation process.

So I used my consumer google account as the basis for this assignment. I have used a variety of capture tools. I really like JING and for most things that is my go-to application. I’ve used Skitch before, but when Evernote bought them out some of the features I used were taken away so I deleted them from my tool box in frustration! I also like Clarify which actually lets you create a series of steps in one document, capture multiple screens and then helps you to lay them out. Clarify costs $30. But I’ve been wanting to try out Monosnap so that is what I used. I really like the features Monosnap offers and its cross-platform, plus it has an iPhone application. One of the really nice features it that it has a blur tool that can be very handy when demonstrating screenshots that might have student-related information on it.

Once again, I’ve used my camera for creating the screenshots. Most of the images are desktop pictures taken from the phone (by holding down the menu button (I call it the home button) and the power button at the top edge of the phone). This puts an image in your camera roll. I collected these images and sent them to myself and used Monosnap on my laptop to annotate the images used in the documents. Perhaps I should have just used the Monosnap app on my phone, but it might have confused me!

So here are my three documents. I’ve shared them with anyone who has the link so you shouldn’t have to log in to google (or create a new account if you don’t have one already) to view them.

What are QR codes?

QR Codes: Downloading Qrafter to your iPhone or iPad

Using Qrafter


5 thoughts on “ScreenCapture

  1. Well worth the 2 day wait! I thought at first glance that the switching from red/white outline text and the red textbox with white letters would be distracting…as is often the case, first glance wasn’t close to valid. Worked really well. You’ve obviously done a number of these in the past; clear, concise, easy to follow. Step by step worked well and the individual documents are episodic and clearly identified.

    Nice tie-in to your videos. Treadwell shows up again!

    I used Skitch in beta for a long time but, as you noted, the Evernote take-over caused problems. I now use Monosnap almost exclusively as I become more and more tied to a mobile device. The screenshots are sure easy to work with. Have you happened to look at Reflector? That’s probably more in line with screencasting, though.

    Great idea to include the photo on p 3 of Using Qrafter. Makes the process more clear and understandable.

    Couple of minor items:

    Downloading: I think you meant downloadED on p. 4.

    Using Qrafter: Now let’s rather than Now lets one p. 1. Scan on launch on p 2.

    You sure made good use of Monosnap and Google docs. Here’s a challenge which may or may not be of interest to you: create screencasts of the three topics. That way the same information would be available in two formats-static documents and video. Just a thought!

    • Thanks for the typos catches, Don. I which monosnap allowed you to copy arrows or other annotation marks. I would be nice when you had multiple arrows on one image if they were exactly the same size and posed at the same angle. Sometimes doing this by eye doesn’t work out well!

  2. Wow, Heidi! I can tell that you have done this before. Your screen captures are attractive and informative. I really like how you explained all the features of Qrafter on the third document, pointing out each button and then explaining them. And, as Don mentioned, the Treadwell tie in is really cool. I also appreciated the screenshot tip for the phone. Excellent work!

    Now will you make screen captures to explain all of the unused apps on my phone? 🙂

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