Google Survey Assignment

The recent conversation that Jodi raised about using Facebook in the classr00m got me thinking about how many other Alaska teachers use Facebook as a way to deliver content or to inform parents about class activities. So I created a survey to find out if educators are using facebook with students or with parents.

I’ve created surveys with google forms before and find it a perfect tool for somethings and a frustrating activity for other tasks. I particularly dislike not being able to reorder or fix typos in the spreadsheet once the form is created. I’d rather be able to create on the fly with the ability to change my mind as to the order of survey questions or wording and I wish the accompanying spreadsheet would follow my changes. It would be great if you could create a new spreadsheet once you have the form completed. I used a logic question for the first time and it was a challenge to figure out the best way to have people navigate through the pages. I wish there was an automatic page for the submit button so you could direct next page navigation to that ending submit page without having to create one on your own which is rather clunky. I ended up having an “aha” moment and changed some of the pages around to fix that problem. I originally had all of the “All User” questions up front but I had to split them up and create another page so that those who “Don’t use Facebook with students/parents” could get to the last page correctly.

I started out creating this form in the UA google docs but I could not get to the themes area with out getting error messages. So I shared it out to my consumer account, changed the theme and shared it back with my UA account. In my UA app I couldn’t get it to work with chrome or with firefox. I have a help ticket started.

Anyway, here it is, I also added you as viewers so you can see how I set up the form.


And here are the results in summary format:

Please check for logic and typos!

7 thoughts on “Google Survey Assignment

  1. I got a few comments from another ONID student so I made a couple of changes. I added the first question about whether or not you had a facebook account and I added a general comment area at the end. I just love the way the embed works so I didn’t have to reload the survey in wordpress!

  2. It looks like we’re all developing a love/hate relationship with GDocs Forms. I have always found them exceptionally quick and easy for simple surveys but more problematic when you start branching responses–and I agree that the problems created by reordering questions once a survey has been created is a major drawback. However, I love the embedding capabilities and the easy incorporation of the form into email or onto a web page. I guess you just have to choose your tools wisely.

    In any event, I think your survey works well and is nicely displayed in your blog. I love the inclusion of the summary forms (wish I’d thought of that) and the intuitive logic behind your branching.

    Minor edit: “not being able to reorder of fix typos”

  3. Thanks for finding the typo, Skip. I’m afraid my results aren’t going to be very accurate since I added the first question right up front. But this was a good lesson for me to watch out for. But I am looking forward to reviewing the result to see how they come out! This has been a fun assignment!

  4. Hi Heidi. I looked again at your form and now wish I had thought of allowing people to update their responses too. That’s a valuable option I didn’t think of! It did make me go through a round of thinking about whether I would use Facebook with my students. I answered that I don’t have a good pedagogical reason to do so at this point but I’m thinking about how I can encourage it by sharing things out beyond class at least.

    • I’m still not convinced that using facebook in my Desktop Publishing class has any relevance. I’m already pretty successful getting them to talk to each other on the class blog. I am interested in trying out a or learnist as a way to get students looking at websites pertaining to design. I also want them to look more at physical products so using something where people can upload their own pictures would be necessary.

  5. I am so sorry I didn’t leave feedback earlier! This does seem to be a pretty decent survey, kinda short but very to the point.
    Personally, I think a shift in view of how Facebook could be used by teachers at my school would be what is needed to get teachers to use Facebook more. I have already been making comments in order to shift the climate :). It is one more tool to reach parents.

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