Welcome to my portfolio. I have recently decided that I will pursue an M.Ed with ONID emphasis after taking most of the required classes. As I think about the challenge for the program, an image that I saw in the Juneau Empire comes to mind. This image appeals to me on many levels which parallel my interest in the ONID program. My love for the outdoors and getting the opportunity to explore new places while challenging myself to continuously push myself to do and be better are similar to my interest in innovative teaching in the online environment and the desire to see what is out there, then to try it (or work with someone who will try it) to see how it works.

image of somone walking the ridge of a mountain

What I have:

  • not afraid of heights
  • plenty of support
  • financial means (hooray for tuition waivers!)
  • a dream

What I need:

  • confidence
  • to keep on task
  • a good weather forecaster
  • snacks
  • a due date


I currently am an instructional designer and Learning Design Coordinator for UAF eLearning & Distance Education (formally known as the Center for Distance Education). I began my professional career with the same department in 1990 with my strengths being in desktop publishing. As my experience grew, and new challenges and benefits that emerging technology allowed, my pathway has led to working with faculty in producing online courses. I also have the extreme privilege of working with a dynamic team of instructional designers who constantly amaze and inspire me.

I’ve been teaching online for CIOS–Desktop Publishing: InDesign since 2006, which gives me an additional platform for seeing how things work with the added responsibility of making sure the students are getting their money’s worth and learning new skills.

My contact information:

hcolson@alaska.edu (for anything UA google related)
907-455-2090 or 800-277-8060
Twitter: holson

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